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Reader: Colfax Is My Favorite Part of Denver...It's Got Everything

Reader: Colfax Is My Favorite Part of Denver...It's Got Everything
Brandon Marshall
The ’70s were not very good to Colfax Avenue. Playboy dubbed it the "longest, wickedest street in America," and when columnist George Will visited in 1978, he proclaimed that "the fear that war may blow civilization to smithereens loses some of its sting when you see Denver’s Colfax Avenue." But even then, this 26.1-mile strip that goes through the heart of Denver was truly the living, beating heart of the city. Today it's a stretch of incredible activity, with blocks full of bars and restaurants — some old, some new, some fast, some slow, some elevated, some as divey as they get. Photographer Brandon Marshall has embarked on a mission to document every bar and restaurant along Colfax, starting at ground zero: the point where east meets west, right across from the State Capitol. And readers are enjoying the ride. Says Alex: 
We should try and conquer this list!
Sounds like someone already did, because Dave writes: 
Tried one beer in every bar from Broadway to Yosemite going east and then trying to go east to west back in the early ’70s.Great drinking game. See how far you can get! 
Comments Ann: 
Colfax is my favorite part of Denver. It's got everything, from fancy restaurants to holes in the wall.  I'll be there for breakfast!
Adds Nathan: 
Love Shish Kabob Grill and City Grille.
And then there's Bourbon Chicken, of course which just relocated on Colfax.  Writes Patrick:  
Right on.. I wondered what happened to my favorite restaurant.. I'll be there this weekend ..
Keep reading for links to those slideshows, and some of our recent coverage of Colfax.
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