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A Letter From Our Editor

We started Westword more than four decades ago as a very vigorous exercise in freedom of the press. Not only did we believe that our writers should be free to cover, and uncover, what was really going on in Denver, but we wanted to share their work freely with the city, by making sure that the publication itself was absolutely free.

Back then, there were few free newspapers, and those that existed were denigrated as “shoppers.” We worked hard to prove that a free publication could have value, ensuring that every issue included can’t-miss stories. It was a long fight, but one we were winning long before the rise of the Internet, which brought with it the notion that “information should be free.” Today, no one questions the value of free publications.

But they do question how long those publications will be around, and with good reason.

Westword isn’t going away. Every day, we publish a robust mix of locally reported stories on, keeping you up to date on developments in news, food, music and the arts, as well as providing Denver’s best cannabis coverage. We reach more readers than ever before, and our investigative reporting continues to have a major impact on life along the Front Range, holding power accountable and giving voice to the marginalized. We’re committed to covering this city where we live, this city that we love, and we hear regularly from readers who appreciate our deep dives into big issues.

The Westword “I Support” membership campaign is our solution for how to maintain that level of quality journalism amid an international pandemic and a uniquely challenging digital advertising environment.

Those of you who make financial contributions will also have the option to hear from me now and then. Once you’ve contributed, an option will appear on your member profile page allowing you to receive monthly newsletters regarding some of the Westword stories you’ve already read, as well as developments at Westword itself.

We hope you’ll consider joining up. Either way, we’re grateful for your support over these last 43 years in Denver.


Editor in Chief

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